Becky's Story

Becky Siame (née Duncan) is a bestselling author and motivational entrepreneur. She has been featured on prime time tv: A Current Affair (Australia), Campbell Live (NZ), That’s Life! (magazine),, NZ Herald, NewstalkZB, RadioLive and Radio New Zealand, amongst other pint media.  

Becky has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, communications, and web development, across corporate, government, not-for-profit, start-up, and SME business markets. Until she recently sold up, she was founder and owner of the largest Kids Slumber and Picnic Party Styling Franchise in the Southern Hemisphere with over 10 franchisees in Australia & New Zealand.

Growing up a mixed-race adoptee in a white family, Becky battled insecurities and lacked a sense of belonging.  At 31, after being abandoned by a cheating & abusive husband, Becky had two young children, a failed business venture, 40k in debt and was broke. 

One day whilst desperately searching for any abandoned coins in the folds of her couch to buy milk for her kids, Becky hit rock bottom. Crying to God, “Surely there must be more for us then THIS!

That’s when she had her “A-ha” moment. He responded, “What have you got in your hands right now which can create income?” That something was a big imagination, marketing & website development skills, a penchant for telling a good yarn, a laptop, and a whole lot of gumption.

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Her story doesn't end there...

At 11 years old Becky had a dream to write a book. 22 years later, her novel, The Lighter Side of Large, hit #5 on Amazon’s Top 100  Bestsellers (#3 in the Humour category). Based on real-life events, this “Reality Fiction” story about obesity, body image, and finding real love struck a chord with readers across the globe. Finally, there was a heroine like them . . . written by someone like them.

Soon after a Big Six publisher offered Becky a publishing contract, which she turned down. That’s right, folks: SHE TURNED DOWN a book contract because she was already doing more to market her novel and its sequel to more countries and segments than they planned to.

She learned by trial & error how to publish & promote her book and inspire an international fan base. 

Over the years since she has primarily used her creative storytelling mastery to found, build, and sell a number of 6 figure businesses in different industries. She refers to herself as the ‘quintessential entrepreneur’ and thrives on new ideas, projects and opportunities to excel and make an impact. Her biggest and most extravagant dream is to be the next Oprah and have her own online TV show.

Our Core Values

Becky’s PASSION is to inspire others to break through barriers which keep them from finding purpose and freedom. Her faith plays a major role in everything she does, which is why she understands real-world problems are solved by spiritual truths. It is at the nexus of spirit and soul where she takes her stand to help others change their lives.

The Lighter Side of Large

What happens when an overweight single mother finds out her ex-husband is getting married to her gorgeous sister in nine months? She orders a double mocacchino and plots her revenge.