Ready to change the world & grow your community, while being safe online?

I serve enterprising women confidently walking out their purpose online by empowering them to be ‘Cyber Strong’ and ‘Cyber Smart’ 💪 with virtual self-defense tactics


Feeling stuck? paralyzed by fear? NOT moving forward in your dreams? 

If you landed on this page, chances are you’re looking to transform your story from a horror story or up and down thriller into a feel good adventure.

Complete The Mindset Clarity Scorecard to receive a 100% tailored-to-you report with clear, customized strategies and insights that will help you stop feeling stuck and start moving forward fearlessly. Our quiz will assist in 8 key areas of your life to assess your strengths and opportunities for breakthrough.  IT’S INSTANT & FREE

Let's unleash your mastery, and unlock your limitless potential so you can live the life of your dreams, make an impact and be the hero in your story today.

Overwhelm, powerlessness & fear don’t have to be a part of your story…

You have big ideas and courageous visions. You want to live your dreams out-loud online but you’re stuck at the starting gate, terrified of what you need to do to make it happen.  If so, you’re in the right place.


I'm Becky

I am a surviving ‘tribute’ in the online real-life version of ‘The Hunger Games’. In late 2013, after years of living my life out-loud online and being well-known for my best selling book, popular blog, entrepreneurial projects, tv & media appearances, I was shocked to discover I had an online stalker. He attacked me on all fronts online. It was truly a frightening experience.
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To make matters worse, I had very little support and protection available from local law enforcement, Facebook, my email server and the various online services he was using, to stop his attacks on me

Now I am back as a Virtual Self-Defence Coach and Cyber-Violence Against Women Activist. I am armed and I am fueled by a mission to empower and educate enterprising women to take control of their online security and psychological safety.

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Quickstart Consulting

Work With Me

This is your shortcut to protecting yourself and your business assets online so that you can get back to sharing your mission with confidence. I’m literally the ally that runs alongside you and hands you the arrows and ammunition to cut off the cyber supervillains at their knees.



The Virtual Self-Defense System

I take you step-by-step step-by-step, through the entire security process of being ‘Cyber Smart’ and ‘Cyber Strong’. From the tech preparedness to cyber wellbeing and emotional readiness. It’s the insider info that the hackers, identity thieves, fraudsters & cyber-bullies don’t want you to know.

Miracle Month Journal & Sister Circle

Fearless Challenge – Overcome the triggers, master your mind, and live the life you dream

It’s time to climb down from the ferris wheel of “going nowhere slowly” and start taking action on the only thing that will ever make a difference: YOU.
The good news is the instant you give your mindset an upgrade, it will be easy for you to achieve your business goals with passion and confidence. Old limitations will magically melt away, and things that used to feel difficult and impossible will be easy and automatic. 


"Amazing and incredibly useful content, I've learnt so much"

I’ve found Becky to be an invaluable resource.  She is honest, enthusiastic, and provides a lot of practical information. She is very generous in the detail she shares about her experiences and expertise in publishing, social media, and storytelling. I learnt so much. – FIONA SUMMERFIELD